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Tips for writing resume and cover letter updated!

Where should I post my resume?

Here are some online job boards available for quantitative finance/financial engineering jobs (quant analyst, quant associate, quant developer, quantitative developer, quant trader, quant research, quant strategist etc. ). The sequence is according to their usefulness in job seeking.

  1. Monster.com : most employers and recruiters search their future employees on monster.com. You will get many emails and phone calls claiming they find you on monster.com.
  2. CareerBuilder.com: another good place to be found and search for quant jobs.
  3. Yahoo! HotJobs.: sometimes there will be some quant jobs. Not as much as monster.com
  4. eFinancialCareer.com: specilize in finance jobs. Many quant job postings, however, most time by the same recruiter again and again. They are just filling their database.
  5.  JobsintheMoney.com: fine website.
  6.  QuantFinanceJobs.com – Jobs for quantitative finance professionals The job board for quantitative finance, financial engineering and risk management.
  7.  Vault.com: Offers in-depth companies reviews and surveys over finance and other industries. You will get a good idea about each company’s history, current situation, culture, average compensation and current employees’ opinions. Vault also publishes various guides for each industry. It has one board for each big company and the job boards are full of information from current employees and job seekers. You can get many insider information from the job board. Highly recommended for consulting and finance job seekers!
  8. WetFeet: Get information on thousands of hiring companies – what they pay, how to interview, and how to get hired!
  9. TheLadders.com: The most $100k+ jobs. Over 16,000 new open positions this month.
  10. Beyond.com: A good job searching site.
  11. Job.com – Post your resume FREE! Search 1000’s of Jobs FREE!
  12. 6 Figure Jobs -6FigureJobs is the leading online executive career portal. FREE resume posting with full confidentiality and find all of the tools and resources you need to enhance and advance your successful career.
  13. Post your finance resume and search jobs for FREE at CareerBank.com, the largest banking job board network on the net.
  14. And you should send your resume to recruiters listed in our website.

What are the positions available for quant?

There are many different quantitative related positions for science/engineering background masters, phds or financial engineers. For example, quant analyst, quant associate, quant developer or quantitative developer, quant trader, quant research job, quant strategist (desk quant ), quant modeler, quant validation, quant programmer etc.

What kinds of questions do they ask?

Normally the quant jobs interview questions include:

  1. brain teasers/quizs/puzzles, you will be asked puzzles such as probability questions (like
  2. we did in high school), pure brain teasers, e.g. Why the man hole is round 
  3. while not square, rectangular …? is a classic brain teaser
  4. mathematics: includes basic calculus, algebra, statistics and stochastic if you 
  5. state on your resume that you know stochastic and some other general math questions
  6.  quantitative finance/derivative questions: what is black-schole, risk-neutral, call-put parity …
  7. behavioral questions: most typically, tell me about your thesis/research?, why you want to convert to finance? …
  8. market questions: what do you know about the market? Do you follow the market? what is the current treasury bond yield? Do you notice anything interesting recently from The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times?

What are the keywords/experience I should add to my resume?

Black-Scholes, Risk-Neutral, Option Pricing, options and derivatives, CAPM, monte carlo, C++ programming, object-oriented programming, SAS, Matlab, Excel, VBA, Greeks, Volatility, Var, swap, finite difference, stochastic, statistics, optimization, curve-fitting, etc.
    Note: only add the terms that you know and you are sure to be able to answer certain questions. Don’t ever put anything you don’t know, you will get dumped the very first time they think you lie.

How do I know they like me?

Interview is all about chmistry: like and dislike. If they like you, you can feel. They will invite you back for a second round interview, they will lead you to the manager, they will give you the offer onsite or as fast as possible.

Tips for writing resume and cover letter

  1. Don’t write anything that you do NOT know or never experienced, be honest!
  2.  Do NOT put irrelevant experience on resume, such as your habits and personality.
  3. DO ask someone to read your resume, make sure no grammar and spelling errors.
  4. DO check every word such that no typo in your resume and cover letter.
  5. Do NOT put your picture on the resume
  6. Avoid using fancy fonts and color in the resume, make it clean and clear
  7. Make sure your contact information is correct and working (Name, email, address, phone number)
  8.  Put most recent experience first, most recent education first
  9.  If you have ‘career objective’ in your resume or cover letter, make sure that it agrees with the specification of the job you are applying, i.e., tailor your resume for different job type.
  10. Validate the format of resume and cover letters sent out through email. Sometimes the word file that looks fine on your machine will change on other’s machine. For example, a one-page resume may become two pages. Try email the resume to yourself and check it on another machine to see whether it’s still in the same format as you originally designed. For the best result, make a PDF file for your resume. You can generate a PDF file by using PDFCreator for FREE!
  11.  If fitting your qualifications on one page is too crampy, use two pages to make the resume easier to be read.
  12.  Use action verbs at the beginning of each of your experience to show your accomplishment. State clearly what you have achiveved in each project.
  13. No reference is necessary for quant jobs, so don’t include references in your resume nor you need mention it.
  14. Don’t write anything before college unless it is extremely good.

Tips for communicating with interviewer

Do write thank you letter every time after you communicate with interviewer.

Tips for interview, on site or phone

  1. Get a good sleep before onsite interview, if you cannot, there are some nonprescription medicines to help you sleep well. If you do NOT sleep well last night, Do NOT tell them, even when you finish the interview.
  2. Be Confident, and smile.
  3.  Use landline in phone interview, Don’t use cell phone.
  4. Do turn off your cell phone before interview.
  5. Do prepare ten resumes to hand out during interview; business cards if possible; pen and notebook for your own convenience when asked doing calculation.
  6. Never blame your setbacks on previous or current place/university, advisor/professor, colleagues, or boss. This will lower yourself as unsuccessful.

Dress for interview

For Man: Always wear dress shirt, tie, suit, dress shoe. Even they said they are casual. If you are invited more than once (this means promise), try best to dress different from the last time. Brooksbrothers are the standard for wall street professionals. Get your dress in Thanksgiving or Christmas sale. It’s affordable for a future-quant.
For Woman (Thanks ‘erica’ for good suggestions):

  1.  Good quality dark suits in black or blue. navy Believe it or not, Brooks brother is also a good place to get suits for woman.
  2.  Minimal (or no) jewelry, definitely no drop earrings.
  3. No perfume. hair tied back, short (clean) nails, and wear close toe shoes.
  4. Bring a portfolio or a briefcase and Leave the oversized, disorganized handbag at home.


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